Organized by:


Canal South Road, Beliaghata, Kolkata – 700015,

West Bengal, INDIA

Meeting Attendees:-

  • Faculty Members: Dr. Tathagata Deb, Dr. Sangita Agarwal.
  • NSS Core Team: Sourav Chakraborty, Ishani Paul, Prerana Dhar, Ishita Ghosh, Cris Roy, Sourav Das, Suryasnata Saha, Shagnik Mukherjee, Ronit Roy.
  • 50 students from NSS team were involved into this program.
  • There were 70 students who participated into this program to make a success of this program.

Details of Program:-

Venue:- Gmeet

Time:- 6 p.m.

Date:- 12.07.2021

Meeting Abstract

Topic: Gender Sensitization

  • Gender sensitization refers to the raising sensitization of gender equality concerns. It helps people in examining their personal attitudes and beliefs and questioning the realities of both sexes. Gender is Socially Learned behaviour, based on social expectation from Men & Women.
  • Members of NSS student chapter and NSS Faculty member took this opportunity to aware about this sensitive topic among students

Details of this Event:

          It is honour to have an event like this on such a sensitive topic. This event reached it’s success with everyone’s cooperation. Our speaker Anwesha Basu ma’am along with our faculty members Dr. Tathagata Deb sir and Dr. Sangita Agarwal Ma’am who did small but meaning full introduction about Gender Sensitization. They also talked about how much important this topic to be discussed.

   Along with our respected teachers our principal  Prof. (Dr.) Anirban Mukherjee sir gave his valuable speech regarding gender equality.

After our respected teachers it was time for our NSS team coordinators and organizers to take over the event. Sourav Chakraborty and Ishani Paul as the speaker of the cultural event and Shagnik Mukherjee as the screen representer. They started their introduction with their beautiful speech on gender equality and women empowerment along with a beautiful video.

Not to mention , our event was not only limited to women empowerment or gender equality. We even included LGBT rights into our event.

After our small introduction we dove into our cultural program. Each segment was divided into singing, dancing, poetry and small speeches.

Every-participants did a great effort toward creating their own videos. In singing their vocals was so beautiful everyone including teachers were appreciating their music.

Each segment had dancing too. Every dancer was so graceful and professional it made the event as perfect as it should be.

Then if we come to our poetry segment that was as wonderful as the other performances. Some poetry was so heart touching and they said so beautifully it was amazing. Few poems were even self-written.

Now, coming to the fun part. Our NSS team coordinators arranged a quiz segment too into our event. They combined some questionnaires regarding to general knowledge and our event topic. That was super entertaining. Every-attendees were participating into the quiz. It was a bit hard to follow everyone’s answers but it was a great success.

And last but not the least out poster making segment where we had the most no. of participants. Each and every participants was so creative and talented.

After our last segment it was time to wrap up our event. Sharing a few words our speaker handed the event to teachers to officially end this event with their words.