Canal South Road, Beliaghata, Kolkata – 700015,

West Bengal, INDIA

Date: 20th June 2022
Time: 1:30 PM-3.30 PM
Venue: Room N210 & College Auditorium

Objective of the Celebration:

The international yoga day 2022 is being observed with the objective to raise awareness regarding the benefits one could get out of practicing yoga. Yoga is an ancient physical mental and spiritual practice that originated in India and our college RCC IIT program was held to celebrate the international yoga day.


Faculty Members: Dr. Tathagata Deb (NSS PO), Dr.Sangita Agarwal (Faculty Coordinator NSS), Mr. Subhasish Banerjee (Yoga Coordinator NSS).
NSS SC Core Team Members: Sourav Chakraborty, Saurabh Kumar Singh, Md Saood Khan
Total Number of Attendees: 33

Overall layout of the Event:

The entire event was coordinated by Mr. Subhasish Banerjee. Post the event was beautifully hosted by our Programming Officer Dr. Tathagata Deb NSS unit RCCIIT. The event was warmly welcomed by Dr Tathagata Deb (Programming Officer RCCIT) followed by a wonderful presentation by our (Faculty Co-ordinator NSS Unit RCCIIT) Dr. Sangeeta Aggarwal, our respected mam Dr. Sangeeta Aggarwal put forward the idea of international yoga day through a sublime and interactive presentation which enlightens us with the idea of essence of yoga in our daily life Next up we had two of the really informative and memorable speeches by the students of NSS unit RCCIT namely Sourav Chakraborty,
Indranil Dutta and Urbi Chakraborty , after that we were headed towards the auditorium of RCCIIT where we physically practiced different yoga positions. Our yoga instructor was none other than Mr. Subhasish Banerjee who is also our NSS yoga coordinator he guided us with different yoga asanas. We practiced yoga asanas for more than an hour and then the program ended on a beautiful note of practicing it daily and inculcating the values of yoga in our daily life. It ended up with the promise of doing yoga daily at our home on a regular basis finding some time out of our busy schedule.

Outcome of the Event:

This event is setup with the Moto providing us with an opportunity to take forward the motive that our Prime Minister has taken and take forward the golden past of do yoga asanas and get the fruitful results from the same.